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Different type of Shots in carrom game Carrom is the table game quite popular in Asia and other Middle East countries. Being an Indian, I like to play this most popular game regularly with my friends and family at least once a week! Except for a fact that sometimes our fingers start hurting after constant […]

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Strategies, Tricks and tips for carrom game. Carrom is a simple game that has a simple premise—just sink all your pieces before opponent sinks his—and even professional players will admit mastering this game generally involves -flawless technique. To improve your carrom strategy usually needs not just practice, but becoming totally aware of your position. You […]

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Carrom – The Best Online Tabletop Game. 60 Comments / Guides / By Team MPL. Carrom is one of the most loved games on MPL app and is based on the original tabletop game. It is played on a standard carrom table with four pockets with white black coins (9 each), a queen and a striker. It is played in both Professional as well as Freestyle.

Best Carrom Game Online Indoor games are the most evergreen entertainment activities that are loved by the people of various age groups. Some games travel with us the whole life and increase our thinking skills and concentration. One such amazing game is carrom. It’s the strategic board indoor game that needs analyzation skills. These days, […]

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  1. Description Carrom is an easy-to-play 2 player board game. Pot all your pieces before your opponent. Can you become the best at this Carrom Board game?
  2. Siscaa has designed the game to establish and continue the craze that the game, Carom, has carried for generations. We are sole manufacturers and suppliers of the Carrom Board and its accessories that have, in the span of few years, made a brand, yet to be challenged by any other professional companies.

Carrom Game Vs Ludo Game When you bring out the board games on Friday nights or on long holiday weekends, you know your kids will get huge benefits from this family time. Besides teaching them about the patience, teamwork, or how to win or lose gracefully, the board games will actually benefit your kids’ brains […]

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This is very good & marvellous game.😎 Everyone can play this game including children’s, thank you very much for this amazing game.😍

Carrom board game download for pc

Awesome and enjoyable game. This is world’s best game….😍👍

Amazing graphics and smooth gameplay. There are lot carrom games in the market but I like this one. Hoping to get some amazing game modes in future. Highly recommended!😎👌🤟

Best carrom game out there! 😍 Controls are really intuitive, smooth and inviting. Graphics are really cool. I spend daily 30 mins of my time on this game and I must say I loved the game. Would love to see some other multiplayer features. Highly recommended! 😎👍

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Siscaa is known as one of the best Carrom Board Manufacturers in India. We are an established brand in Carrom Board, carrom coins, striker and other accessories. Siscaa products have been a part of many national and international tournaments. Manufacturing the best in Class Carrom Boards to cater to the needs of International Carrom Champions and Tournament players. Our vision is to give best quality carrom board to ensure the experience of carrom game is like, that of a professional carrom player. Hence, Siscaa has proudly graced Major Carrom Tournaments and is associated with known Organisers across the globe. Our Major Alliances include Decathelon, YWC, Hamleys and many more.

Gracing Major Carrom Tournaments

Carrom Board That Leaves An Impression

Siscaa has created a lasting impression on the minds of the masses. The Traditional Carrom board is modified so that it interests the new generation as well as keep up the passion in legend players. For a few reasons like best quality, pricing, novelty we stand above all in the league of Best Carrom Board Manufacturing Companies. Our motive is to give a better experience while playing Carrom.
Superfinished Carrom Coins and Strikers

Our Company Ideal – One Stop Shop for Carrom Board & Accessories

Carrom board online cash game board
Siscaa has designed the game to establish and continue the craze that the game, Carom, has carried for generations. We are sole manufacturers and suppliers of the Carrom Board and its accessories that have, in the span of few years, made a brand, yet to be challenged by any other professional companies. For the convenience of the masses our products are also available on portals Amazon, Flipkart & Indiamart at best prices.

Carrom Board Game Pieces

Strive To Be Better

Known for Reasons

our priority and sincere effort to give nothing but the best.

Smooth surface to maintain the speed of the striker

Ensuring conservation of environment

Strive to manufacture best with every product

Ensuring long lasting product

Internationally Recognized

World Recognizes Siscaa Carrom and Accessories

We are Siscaa! We are the trusted name in manufacturing of best quality carrom boards, coins and Strikers. With an Industry expertise of 30+ years, we have made way to be the sole suppliers to Decathlon, one of the biggest sports goods retailer chain in the world. Siscaa Carrom Boards are Authorised Board for U.S Carrom Association (USCA), Carrom Canada and Korea Carrom Federation. We were proud Equipment partner at the 47th Senior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship 2018-2019.Official board for the first ever Carrom Premier League to be held in U.S.A in March 2019



I have been in charge of the Carrom tournaments in India, a few years back in one such tournament the supply was delayed by one of the old dealers of Carrom Board. Thanks to Mr. Mehra who understood the gravity and immediately reached out to help with his finest quality of Carrom Board and coins. That’s was a day and today, there is no chance that I could allow any other equipment partner than Siscaa Carroms. They understand the players’ point of view while playing the game and have never disappointed the quality of the Board during the Carrom Game.

In the league of “delivering on time” syndrome the quality is given a back seat but that is not with Siscaa Carrom Boards. I have a delivery network across India and the only drawback in this industry is the “commitment of delivery”. I got in touch with Siscaa a few years ago and I realized that they understand the importance of commitment for long term business and so the quality and the quantity is both maintained and complied.

My company is proud to be associated with Siscaa Carroms. Not only because of the redefining quality of Carrom Board it manufactures but also there is an insight as to what are the requirements of the professionals in this Sport. We are dealing with Siscaa since 2013 and their experience and professionalism has proven to be a boon for my company

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