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Coin Master Viking Quest:

Coin Master has many events in which the game provides an opportunity for players to secure big wins and exciting rewards. The Viking Quest is one of them. Viking Quest is an excellent opportunity for players to win free spins and coins, XP, pet food, pet potions, and a rare golden card.

Viking Quest is one of the most anticipated events because it brings many exciting rewards with itself. And as an additional bonus, the coins you win in the event will be raid free for three minutes, just like a ghost mode, where you have the advantage of not getting looted by a friend for a while.

Some of you already know how to play Viking Quest, so without wasting any more time, lets jump on to the Viking Quest Tips and Tricks. So hang on with us to explore all Viking Quest tips and tricks we have collected for you.

Coin Master Viking Quest Tips and Tricks

1. Play Cool At First


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Viking Quest is an exciting event that showers a billion coins over a user, along with many other bonuses. But, to win billions of coins from the Viking Quest, you must have billions of coins stacked for yourself. Then only you will be able to get some success in the Viking Quest.

Once you have coins around 5-7 billion, you all set for the event. We have mentioned some tips and tricks for the Viking quest that will help to win more Coins and other exciting prizes from the event. If you follow these tips carefully, this will reduce your chances of losing a single penny in coin master.

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Play cool and clam at the beginning as this will let you win coins before the storm comes. Collect the coins from the bonus wheel in the first five levels because it is level 6 from where the real quest starts.

2. Bring bet back and forth during the event

You have to bet carefully during the event period. Betting blindly during the event will cost you losing your coins rather them gaining them. So, here are some tips that you can follow,

When you reach level 6, try betting with the lowest number first and after the first spin, raise your bet.

For example:

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If you are betting with the 2,000,000 coins, then raise your bet to the 7,000,000 coins and do 20 spins with this bet. After that, increase your bet to the highest amount to do 10 spins with that.

By following this method, you will get many big and exciting rewards.

3. Slot machine and Bonus wheel trick

So if your constantly betting, not getting any good result, then we have some tips and tricks that you can use to get a great result.

Note: This trick has worked for many players, but we cannot guarantee that this will work 100% because the coin master algorithm keeps changing.

So if you’re not getting any good result after frequently betting in the coin master, then go to the slot machine and use one spin and return to the bonus wheel. Now, set your bet to the medium and start betting.

When you win four or five bonuses, raise your bet to the highest and start spinning; after every one or two spins, you are surely going to win big.

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What is the minimum level requirement to play Viking Quest in Coin Master?

Any player having minimum village level 50 or above can participate in a Viking Quest.

Viking Quest Rewards?

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Viking Quest is an event in a coin master where the user can win lots of free spins and coins, pet potion, chests, pets food, and Rare and golden card.

How to Coin Master on PC?

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Coin Master is currently only available for android and ios. But you can play Coin Master on pc using the android emulator.

Coin Master 400 Spin and 800 Spin Link is it possible?

I have seen many people searching for the coin master 400 and 800 spin link. But sadly there are no such free spin links exist. The maximum reward you can get from free spin is between 70 to 100.