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Apps That Pay You to Play Games - Earn Money While Playing Games in 2021

If you are spending several hours mindlessly playing two dots and candy crush, you should consider switching to other game applications that pays you for using them. Yes, that's right. You get paid for playing games. There are many game applications out there that can earn you cash just for using them. This way, you will have fun while you play and also make money in the process. It is important to know that the kind of game we are talking about here is different from the ones you play on your PS4 or Xbox. Yes, there is a market for those ones but our focus in this article is not on PS4 or Xbox but on other online game applications like swagbucks. It is also worthy of note that you will not make a living or get rich playing games. Nevertheless, it is an easy way to earn some walk around money by simply playing games.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to earn money playing games, this is by far one of the best ways to go. When you first register for the app, you're given 50 freerolls. Each time you roll, you're given a certain amount of “tickets” that can be used to exchange to earn real cash prizes (shipping is always free). Make Money – Free Cash App. This is another one of the highest and most rated apps on the list with a 4.6 star out of 5 rating from 440,000+ reviews. You can earn money with this app by playing games, doing surveys, watching videos, etc.


Exodus 3000 is one of the popular role-playing game (RPG) games that you can play to earn money. Exodus 3000 based on 1000s years in the future when Earth is uninhabitable and people start living on Mars. You have to build your Empire, form alliance and destroy enemies. Exodus 3000 has an in-game currency that called Mars dollars. You can redeem your Swagbucks for gift cards or money via PayPal. As you’re searching the Internet anyway, switch from Google to Bing and use this program, and earn rewards every time you search. With this site, you get paid up to $15 via PayPal, simply for spending 20 minutes testing a website. As one of the best sites to earn Paypal money, there are a range of ways to make money. Surveys are the most common method and you can expect to be sent around 4 to 8 surveys per month, which each take around 15-20 minutes to complete and earn around $3 per survey.

  1. Best Apps That Pay You to Play Games


  1. Best Apps That Pay You to Play Games

Best Apps That Pay You to Play Games - Earn Money While Playing Games in 2021

The payouts depends on each application are are from a few pennies to some dollars. Below are a list of applications that pays you for playing games.

Swagbucks - Pay-to-Play Game App

Swagbucks is a popular online website that allows you to earn free credits for playing games. You can exchange these free credits for gift cards or you can transfer them to your PayPal account. This platform states that it has paid over $200 million in rewards to its members. The website also stated that it gives out more than 6,000 gift cards every day. So you know it is not a scam, and that's a whole lot of money. Just like inbox dollars, this platform has many free games that enables you to earn free credits to play. There are also available paid games that will give you free credits as you spend some money to play the games. All you need to do is become a member, if you want to earn free credits that can be redeemed for money. The great news is that it is absolutely free to become a member. Aside playing games, you can also earn money doing many other unique things on swagbucks. These include watching videos, shopping online, searching the web, taking surveys and many more. After you have made enough points, you can now redeem the points for money or for various Gift Card options, such as Walmart, Target, Starbucks or Amazon.

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Cash crate - Pay-to-Play Link

This is avery good website that pays you for playing games. The platform stated that they have more than 7 million members from around the globe. It also stated that thousands of dollars are being sent out in payments every month. This platform pays their members the following month. This means that the money you made in November will be paid to you in December. And to be able to receive payment, you must have a minimum account balance of $20. Cash crate also pay it's members for many other activities they engage in such as watching videos, taking surveys, shopping, social activities such as winning contests and completing offers from other companies. You can also earn cash on this platform by simply referring other members. The website will provide more information about earning money through referral. Just like swagbucks and inbox dollars, joining cash crate is absolutely free and you can start making money by simply playing games and completing many other tasks.

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Inbox Dollars - Game Link

Inbox Dollars is a well known website to play games, take online surveys and get paid. You too can easily sign up for free and start making money playing games as well. Here is how it works. After you have completed signing up your free account, you will get the option to play games free and earn money. Be reminded that, you will be required to finish a game and receive a score before you can be eligible for a credit. Any game that you exit without finishing it and receive a score will not get any credit and hence, you will not earn from it. Once you have earned your credits, you can then convert them into cash and send to your PayPal account. In addition, you can earn money if you also play games that cost money. The free credits earned by playing these paid games can help you to offset some game playing expenses. These games that costs money will actually earn you reward anytime you buy some game related accessories. It is also important to note that you must login to your inbox dollars to get started. And once you have logged in and have access to the games via inbox dollars, you can then start receiving your rewards and credits. This website stated that if you block ads with an adblocker, it will likely affect your eligibility to redeem your credits and rewards. Furthermore, this platform pays you to complete many other tasks via their website such as searching the internet, taking surveys, shopping online, redeeming coupons, and you can even win gift cards when you enter sweepstakes too.

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Games That Earn You Paypal Money Surveys

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App cent - Pay-to-Play Game Site

This application allows you to play games for free and earn money. With this app, you can download free applications from the app cent sponsors, and earn real coins in the process. Every application you download have different payout, and you will be paid to download and play the games. The coins can quickly accumulate depending on the application you choose to get. And from here, you can redeem your earned coins and use them to get gift cards from stores like Amazon and Starbucks or use them to purchase paid applications from Google Play Store. You can also decide to take the coins and transfer them to a visa gift card or a PayPal deposit. In summary, you can play games with the app cent cash, and then use the coins you earn to get money, to get free gift cards or to buy paid apps.

Blast - Pay-to-Play Game App

This application allows you to earn, win and save money for playing games. Here is how it works. To get started, you have to connect this application to your checking account and you must allow it to send small funds into a Blast high yield savings account. You will get to earn different amounts by simply playing various kinds of games and completing several missions. For instance, you can earn 5 cent for collecting coins, get $1 for conquering a certain difficult level or earn 25 cents for connecting candy. Also, you will earn experience points in the application for every dollar you save and for every completed mission. The more you accumulate points, the more you will climb the leader board and get a chance to win cash prizes. The third place gets $25, second place gets $50 and the first place wins $1,000. It is important to know that this application is available only for Android devices at the moment. Although the iOS version is on its way.

Swag IQ - Pay-to-Play Game App

If you enjoy the thrill of a good game show, then Swag IQ is the app for you. You get the chance to actually test your own knowledge on a trivial game show and you will earn money for just playing and an amazing prize if you get every questions correctly. In the game show mode, you will be given a series of multiple choice questions. And for each question, there are multiple choice answers. You have just 10 seconds to choose your answer. Ensure that you have chosen your answer before the 10 seconds runs out or else you will be out for the grand prize. You can still earn swag IQ currency when you correctly answer questions, even though you did not make it to the top. This earned digital currency can then be used to get a second chance of winning the grand prize or redeem it for gift cards or cash.

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Bananatic - Pay-to-Play Game App

If you want to be among the first set of persons to play a new game, then check out Bananatic. After playing the game, you can also provide a feedback. This application is used by game programmers and developers to test their new games and also get suggestions on improvement and reviews. It is also a very fun platform for gamers who can actually meet each other through the application, discuss game development, bugs and so on. You also get rewarded in the apps digital currency for playing games, writing reviews and advancing levels. Finally, you get to redeem your winnings for digital content, gift cards and even premium games.

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Mistplay is available for Android phones, with the iOS version in development. You will earn mistplay points for playing new games and sometimes for testing. The more you play the game, the more points you will earn. You can then redeem your points for cash or gift cards.

There are tons of sites that pay you to blog, play games, take surveys, read emails and even watch ads.

So, for those of us looking to earn extra money online, these sites offer a great opportunity to do that without getting another full-time or even part-time job.

The good news is that you don’t have to put a lot of time into generating a spot of spending cash.

There are tons of websites and ways to make money online.

In fact, some of these sites will give you cash or rewards simply for doing what you do already, such as surfing the net or doing searches.

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Spending just a few minutes a day on some of these sites could help you earn an extra $100-$200 a month.

1. Swagbucks

This is a major rewards site, offering points or “Swagbucks” for doing all sorts of things like watching videos, playing games, searching, etc.

You can redeem your Swagbucks for gift cards or money via PayPal.

2. Bing Rewards

As you’re searching the Internet anyway, switch from Google to Bing and use this program, and earn rewards every time you search.

3. User Testing

With this site, you get paid up to $15 via PayPal, simply for spending 20 minutes testing a website.

To apply, send them your email address, and expect to take a sample test before they give you any paid gigs.

4. Validately

Games That Earn You Paypal Money

Another website tester, paying via PayPal, gives you $5 for a 5-minute test or $25 for a half hour live test online with the moderator.

5. Analysia

Websites testing again, this time with tests that last 15 minutes and pay $10 via PayPal.

Games That Earn You Paypal Money

You need to register and wait for them to email you a task.

6. Best Mark

This time a mystery shopping task, where you are paid to shop at locations they tell you, and provide reviews.

7. Creations Rewards

Earn points doing a variety of tasks, including playing games and shopping.

Redeem your points for gift cards or PayPal cash.

8. Cash4Offers

This website offers many ways to accumulate points, which again will buy gift cards or get you PayPal cash.

9. RewardTV

Get rewarded for watching TV and earning points answering questions about the programs you saw.

You can use your points to get cash or win prizes.

10. Perk

Multiple ways to earn rewards with this website, including watching TV.

11. TopCashBack

If you shop through TopCashBack, they give you all their affiliate commissions – they make their money by selling advertising on the site.

12. Zoombucks

Just like Swagbucks, you can earn rewards points in many different ways on the Zoombucks website.

13. FusionCash

FusionCash gives you a host of ways to earn or win money on the Internet, by bringing together a lot of different offers.

14. Mr. Rebates


Check out the cash back percentages on Mr. Rebates, they can go up to 30% in some stores.

15. Fat Wallet

Fat Wallet is a shopping site that offers different rates of cashback on the various stores.

16. MyPoints

This site gives points for playing games and watching videos, and also gives cash back with online purchases from Amazon and other places.

17. Memolink

Update: Memolink is no longer in business.

This is a cashback website which also has coupon offers. The cash rewards are paid out approximately a month later.

18. Extrabux

With a selection of more than 2000 stores, this site lets you earn up to 30% cash back.

19. Shop At Home

When you buy through this website, you earn cash back, and they include big-box stores like Walmart and Target.

20. MainStreetSHARES

Not only a cashback shopping site, but you can earn virtual shares as part of their profit sharing program.

21. CashCrate

This site offers many different ways, such as watching videos, playing games, or shopping, to get rewards and earn money.

22. Second to None

Second to None is instead a mystery shopping site, just like Best Mark.

They pay well and tend to include the smaller stores.

23. Be Frugal

This cashback shopping site generously offers $10 when you sign up, and the usual cashback rates on different stores.

24. Ibotta

Ibotta offers cashback on shopping in the usual way, and even covers movie theaters. You can get an app to use on your smartphone.

25. Enroll

At, this website wants you to take quick tests about other sites, such as which logo is better, or can you fill out a form?

26. InboxDollars

Get some spare cash from playing games, watching videos, and other things.

27. SendEarnings

SendEarnings is another website that pays you to watch videos, play games, etc.

Check out how much you can earn shopping through them.

28. Start Up Lift

A straightforward website, you simply have to answer questions about different websites and get paid $5 each time.

29. Coupon Cactus

Coupon Cactus is a huge site with excellent navigation, allowing you to find discounts easily for the shopping you want to do.

30. Intelli-Shop

A mystery shopper website that is easy to sign up and offers a variety of opportunities.

31. Sinclair Customer Metrics

Games that earn you paypal money transfer

Sinclair is another mystery shopper site, with different ways to earn money.

32. Points2Shop

And not just for shopping, you can earn points for completing surveys, watching videos, etc.

You can get your rewards in many different ways, including gift cards and cash.

33. Qmee

Qmee is a browser extension, and works in the background while you carry on as normal.

When you search, it shows you extra results or adverts, which Qmee gets paid to place there, so they pass on some of the money.

34. Gift Hunter Club

Once again, you can get rewards points for watching videos, taking surveys, etc. The rewards can be paid out through PayPal or with gift cards.

35. MyGiftCardsPlus

Buy your gift cards on this site, and you get a discount in the form of Swagbucks credit.

36. Market Force

Market Force covers many different stores with its mystery shopping, including a number of restaurants.

37. InstaGC

You can get paid to watch videos and listen to music on this site, and they will pay out when you have earned as little as one dollar.

$100 Surveys With Instant Payout

38. TryMyUI

The UI stands for User Interface, and this is a website that will pay you $10 to give feedback on other websites.

Reckon on 15 to 20 minutes work each time.

39. Quick Rewards

A straightforward rewards site, giving you points for playing games, shopping, etc.

How To Make Paypal Money Playing Games

There is no minimum payout level, so you can get cash straightaway, and it only takes a day or two.

You can get gift cards instead, if you want.

40. Super Pay

This rewards site is similar to the rest, and they have a variety of ways for you to get your money.

Final thoughts

As you can see, the internet is full of websites that will pay you money for doing practically anything you already do.

From sites that pay you to write to sites that pay you to take surveys, test other websites, shop, and much more.

Games That Earn You Paypal Money Instantly

Check out a few of the sites, and see what would fit in with your lifestyle.