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Kajot Casino Ltd. Game Description “Joker Dream” Kajot Casino Ltd. Game Description - 2 - Joker Dream Description and Rules Joker Dream is a game with five reels. A game result consists of 5x3 symbols, each reel showing a section of three symbols. Screenshots The following image shows a screenshot of the game: Figure 1: Screenshot of Joker Dream Features 5 reels 5 paylines (paylines are evaluated from the left and from the right and on the 3 middle reels) Joker: The joker counts as a substitution for other symbols Bonus Game: Above every reel there are 3 joker fields. If all joker fields appear on the reel, it's on! The complete reel changes into joker symbols and you get 5 free spins. Gambling: Winnings can be achieved by multiple doubling of winnings after the game. After each game won, gambling starts. Winnings can be doubled in various rounds. There is also the security stage which acts as an extra part of the game: if the blue symbol appears, the actual amount of winnings cannot be lost in the rounds which follow. Kajot Casino Ltd. Game Description - 3 - Paytable The following table shows the winning factor for all winning combinations. The winning factor represents the multiple of the bet value that is returned to the player when the winning combination occurs. Symbol Factor 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols Cherry 2 4 8 Dollar 2 4 8 Orange 3 6 16 Plum 3 6 16 Grapes 5 10 40 Bell 5 10 40 TwoBar 8 16 80 ThreeBar 8 16 80 Seven 16 60 400 Table 1: Winning Factors of Joker Dream User Interface The following picture shows an example screen of a game with all GUI elements. The GUI elements are either contained in the panel at the bottom of the screen or in the top right corner and they are the same in all games. Figure 2: Example Screen of a Game with GUI elements. Kajot Casino Ltd. Game Description - 4 - The following list describes the function of all GUI elements shown in figure 2: 1. The start button to start a game 2. The autostart button to start games automatically: If a game is finished the next game is started without user interaction 3. The paytable button: The player can view a paytable listing the winning amounts of all winning combinations by pressing this button. 4. The bet control: The value shows the current bet value. It can be changed with the “+” and “-“ buttons. 5. The win display: If the player wins, the amount won is shown in this field. 6. The credit display: Shows the current account balance of the player 7. The denomination display: Shows the denomination factor. 8. The game over display: The text “GAME OVER” is shown when the game is in idle mode and waiting for user interaction 9. The sound on/off button: The player can turn the sound on/off by pressing this button 10. The real time clock: Shows the current time. 11. The close button: The player can close the game by pressing this button. 12. The full screen toggle button: The player can turn the full screen mode on/off by pressing this button. Bet Values and Denomination All games use a denomination of 1 point of credit equals 0.01 Euro (=1 Eurocent). The following possible bet values are allowed: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. Gambling During this secondary game the player can bet the previously won amount with the possibility to double it but also with the risk to lose it. The player can play a theoretically indefinite number of gambling rounds after he or she has received a win in the main game. In each round he or she can double the current win. Symbols The following symbols are possible outcomes of the game: Heart (red) Diamond (red) Spade (black) Club (black) Star (blue) Figure 3: Symbols of Gambling Screenshots The following image shows a screenshot of gambling: Kajot Casino Ltd. Game Description - 5 - Figure 4: Screenshot of Gambling The following list explains the GUI elements of the gambling shown in the screenshot in figure 4: 1. The collect button: When the player clicks this button, he quits gambling and collects the current amount shown in the field for the current win (number 5). 2. The red button: The player can click on this button to choose the red symbols (heart and diamond). A click on this button leads to the evaluation of the gambling round: The die stops spinning and shows a symbol. If it is a red symbol (heart or diamond) then the player wins. 3. The black button: The player can click on this button to choose the black symbols (spade and club). A click on this button leads to the evaluation of the gambling round: The die stops spinning and shows a symbol. If it is a black symbol (spade or club) then the player wins. 4. The die: This field shows the spinning die (while still waiting for user interaction) resp. the stopped die with the final game outcome. 5. The potential win: Shows what the win will be raised to if the player wins the next gambling round. 6. The saved win: Shows what the win will drop to if the player loses the next gambling round.

Joker 81 consists of 4×3 symbols. The game boasts of excellent graphic features which make the experience much more memorable. The Online Joker 81 slot game features the bonus game and gambling round where the winnings can be multiplied astronomically. There is even a security round where the player doesn’t lose any of the bet amounts. It is entirely up to the players to decide whether they wish to opt for this round or not. This slot is a classic game offered by Kajot Slots Casinos and is based on a unique theme like other games offered by it such as Hot Factor and Big Apple.

A fun-packed game with an outstanding Joker to keep you entertained is the game to play among the other games. Joker 81 slot game has a white background reel which is soothing to the eyes. This amazing gambling game is the production of Kajot. Only this company can provide you with the platform with such entertainment for gambling lovers. Joker 81 Online Slot Review. Kajot always aims for keeping the spirits of players high by offering theme based slot games. This time offered a new taste to slot gaming by introducing free Joker 81 slot. The game sports 4 reels and you can raise stakes by choosing maximum 7 paylines. The Joker 81 fruit retro slot from Kajot A real classic! There’s no other way to describe the Joker 81 online slot machine.In some way, it's the most modern version of the Joker 27 slot that has one more reel. It’s a piece from the company Kajot Games that, in this case, preferred simplicity and a return to the past before innovation and extravagance.

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This Kajot Casino online slot machine game features incredible graphics. The gamers can multiply their winnings owing to the special rounds offered by this game. This joker themed game is worth trying for some fun! The effects make the game not just fun, but also keep the gamer hooked to this slot game.