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Ludoskill came up with a unique feature in an online ludo cash game to double up the thrill. Unlike all other ludo games, ludoskill is not an ordinary game it is different in its own way. Apart from fun and entertainment its real cash game where players can play and win real cash. You can play with real opponents or your friends and earn cash, which you can withdraw into your bank account safely. You can participate in live tournaments and compete against real players to win big cash prizes.
Unique Features of LudoSkill:-
LudoSkill has some special twists and boosters in the game that double the thrill of playing Ludo game-

Game Toss: This is to decide the playing order of the players in the game.
Each player is allowed to roll the dice once. The player who rolls the highest number will play first. Accordingly, the players who rolled the subsequent numbers from the highest to lowest will play in that respective order. If two players roll the same number, then the player who rolled it first will be allowed to play first. For example, if player A rolled a 5 first and player C rolled the same number 5, then Player A will play the game first and Player C will be the second.

Random Booster: After the toss round, the system will roll the dice once randomly. The number rolled, which is called as Random Booster, is applicable for all the players and is saved for future use during the game. This number can be used as a booster to move any of the tokens at any given point during the game. However, this can be used only once throughout the game. For instance, if the system rolled a 4, then each player can use this number (4 in this case) as a booster once during his/her entire game. Dice will be rolled again if the system rolls 6.

Choice Booster: Each player is allowed to choose one number before the start of the actual game. This one number can be used as booster only once, to move any of their tokens at any point as per player's choice during the game.

In addition to your skills, we gave you exciting boosters which help you to win a game and you get enormous opportunities to play with your friends, family and other online players and earn real money, which you can withdraw directly to your account. We also make sure that all your transactions in the app are secure. There`s no limit in earning cash.

We know how much you enjoy playing the game, and we know you would love it even more when you earn money for what you enjoy doing.

Are you excited about Ludoskill?
Ludoskill is coming soon -
Get in touch with us for more updates and to know our launch date –

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Believed to be one of the oldest games in the world, chaupad is said to have undone many a man in its time. Yet, it was not until historian Abul Fazl came along that it came to be immortalised. In the first known record of the game, Fazl claims that chaupad was a popular gambling sport at the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar in Fatehpur Sikri in the 16th century. So addicted was Akbar to the game that he had flagstones laid out here to play it the way only emperors can, by using people as pawns. Chaupad is known by many names—pachisi in North India, thayakattam in Tamil Nadu and pagade in Karnataka. The game is also known to have been played in the Indus Valley in 2,300 BCE as is attested by the oblong dice that have been recovered from its sites.

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Traditionally, the game is traced to the epic Mahabharata in which the Pandavas lost their kingdom in a game of dice. The word ‘chaupad’ literally means 'that which is composed of four boards'. In the 1860s it travelled to America where one John Hamilton popularised it as Parcheesi and to Europe, where a Munich-based games manufacturer, Josef Friedrich Schmidt, introduced it as Ludo in 1914.