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  • Play Teen Patti with your friends or real players around the world. Be the Ultimate King of Indian Poker cards game! This is also known as 3 pati in many states in India. Game includes Features: ♣ Play Teen Patti Online with Friends & Family. Invite them on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. ♣ Play Teen Patti cards game.
  • Teen Patti – Play Online for Free or for Real Money Teen Patti is a simple casino card game that originated in India. Similar to games like Three Card Poker, Teen Patti is easy to learn and play.

The most common payment method that will allow you to play 3 patti for real money by depositing cash is Paytm. You are probably aware of the payment system already, as basically all e-commerce stores. 3 Patti Card Game A game of poker wouldn’t be where it is today if not for the invention of the poker chip. The yesteryears’ of poker in smoke clad wild west parlours saw the usage of bones, ivory or clay as.

Teen Patti is the most popular card game in India, you can play a version of teen patti for real money online. Sometimes called 3 Patti, or Teen Pathi it is closely related to 3 card brag.

A few Years back there was multiplayer Teen Patti Online for Real Money. Sites like Teen Patti Party, and 3Patti came along and looked amazing. Unfortunately these multi-player card rooms for Indian players didn’t last and no longer exist.

Play Real Money Teen Patti Online.

Simply put the closest thing to playing Teen Patti Online is playing Live 3 Card Poker at India’s biggest and best Online Casino. You can signup and play for real money online here.

Although you are playing against the casino instead of other players, the experience of playing in a live casino online is a fantastic one.

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18+ new depositing players only. 100& matched bonus up to ₹10,000min deposit ₹1000. Deposit restrictions apply, 35x wagering full terms and conditions apply.

Teen Patti Rules.

Playing teen Patti is fun and fast paced. It’s so closely related to 3 Card Brag that we assume the UK learned the card game whilst in India, and made some very subtle changes to make it their own.

Here you can learn the Teen Patti Rules and discover how to play India’s favourite card game. Below we discover how to play teen Patti, look at teen Patti hands and their rankings along with everything you need to know about playing the game.

The players playing the Teen Patti game agree upon a certain number of cards that they would pick or deal just before the game commences. This will decide who will be the first player to deal the cards. All the gamblers would be asked to put in a stake that they feel like into a pot. The player with the best cards will win that pot and all the staked money will go into his kitty. The ranking on the cards will help the players to decide on the seating arrangement.

The winner of the first round will automatically become the dealer of the next hand. The dealer hands over one card to each player in the counterclockwise direction until three cards per player are reached. The gambler has the option to look at his three cards (playing seen) and place the bet or just place an ante without looking at the cards (playing blind).

Hand rankings for Teen Patti Ranked Best to Worst.

A Trail or set which is 3 cards of the same value – AAA is the higehst 222 is the lowest trail – this is a Prial in 3 card brag.

A Pure Sequence, Known as a running flush. 3 Cards in sequence i.e 3,4,5 all of the same suit.A-K-Q is the highest, followed by A-2-3 Then K-Q-J, Q-J-1- and so on. the lowest pure sequence in teen patti is 2-3-4.

Sequence aka Run is 3 cards of any suite in numerical order. the highest being A-K-Q, followed by A.2.3, K-Q-j, Q-J-10 and so on. Once again the lowest sequence is 2-3-4.

Color, or Colour also known as a Flush. any 3 cards of the same suit. A-K-J being the highest Colour in teen patti without it becoming a pure sequence. 2-3-5 is the lowest colour or flush.

A Pair – As in any card game a pair is 2 cards of the same face value. A-A is the highest followed by K-K, Q-Q, J-J, 10-10, 9-9 and so on. The 3rd card in your hand does come into play if both players have the same pair.

For example: if both players showed a pair of kings the player with the highest value 3rd card would win.

K-K-9 would beat K-K-7 – If both had the same value 3rd card, which ever player called would lose which is the same as in any tie.

High Card – Any 3 cards od different value not in sequence and not the same suit. A-K-J would be the highest followed by A-k-10 and so on. the lowest high card hand in teen patti is 2-3-4.

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10000 Rupees For New Players T&Cs Apply, 18+

18+ new depositing players only. 100& matched bonus up to ₹10,000min deposit ₹1000. Deposit restrictions apply, 35x wagering full terms and conditions apply.

How to play Teen Patti

The rules of the game are very simple. The gambler sitting to the left of the dealer will wager first and then the other players will follow suit in the clockwise direction. It is up to the gamer to put the stake into the common pot or just fold. If you decide to fold, then you lose the stake put in the pot or you get yourself dropped from the game right at the start. The amount you wager with will depend upon the style of lay chosen like blind or seen.

Blind player

It is obvious that a blind bettor cannot see his or her cards. As you are playing blind, you need to just wager for the current stake or bet twice the current wager to stay in the play.

  • A blind gamer who is next to the dealer should be equal to the boot amount or twice that amount.
  • You get options to try out pack, blind, and show during the play.
  • A blind show is only possible when there is one opponent left at the table. Here, both the set of cards are revealed and the winner can have access to the pot money.
  • You have the option to take a look at the cards whenever you want during the course of the game. Once you do so, you turn into a seen player. The betting rules also change into the seen player rules.

Seen player

There are various options that a seen wager can make use of and they are as follows.

  • Chaal

It is important for the seen to play chaal to stay in the play. The bet amount has to be placed in the pot and this has to be twice four times than the present stake.

  • Sideshow

A seen gambler has the option to ask for a sideshow wherein you get to see and compare your card with the previous player’s cards. For this, the previous wager needs to be a seen gamer. There must be more than one opponent still alive in the game as well. The amount you put in the pot as stake must be twice that of the current wager. The previous gamer has the option to decline or accept your sideshow plea. Pack if the previous gamer has better cards than you and he needs to pack if you have better cards.

Show rules

  • For a show to occur, you need to have all apart from two of the gamblers to have folded their cards.
  • During the show, the cards of the active gamers are revealed. The player who has the highest sequence among the two remaining gamers will claim the pot money. If the three cards of both the gamers are the same, then the player who had requested for the show will lose the play.

It is better for the first time Teen Patti wagers to play on a limited stake table. If you are not in a position to put any additional money into the pot to keep on playing, then you need to fold. This means that you are quitting the game permanently and the money that you had wagered in the pot is lost.

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Online 3 Patti Real Money Games

10000 Rupees For New Players T&Cs Apply, 18+

18+ new depositing players only. 100& matched bonus up to ₹10,000min deposit ₹1000. Deposit restrictions apply, 35x wagering full terms and conditions apply.

Online 3 Patti Real Money Game

Outside of Indian rummy, no card game in India is more widely played than the variation of 3-card Poker known as Teen Patti and Teen Patti online is just as popular. It is sometimes referred to as Flash or Flush. Players enjoy playing Teen Patti at home as a social game, especially during Diwali.

3 Patti Game

Where Can I Play Teen Patti Online

Best Real Money Casinos For India


Teen Patti is one of India’s most popular casino games and has become highly popular online. And like rummy games and poker is widely available at free online sites.

3 Patti Gold Game

There are few websites where you can play Teen Patti for real money. But check out our list of recommended online casino sites for options. If you are interested in playing for real money these online casinos offer bountiful welcome bonuses for first-time users. Signing up for these sites is instant and you can use a credit card or Neteller account to fund your bankroll.