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Now one can stay entertained while earning extra cashback by simply playing games at Paytm. Paytm First allows you to earn up to Rs.1000 and is loaded with almost 300+ fun games & contests.

  • Roz Dhan is the Best Money Earning App in India. You will get ₹50 for free just for logging in to the app for the very first time. Do some simple new user tasks in the app and get further ₹30 Withdraw Wallet Cash to your Paytm account after checking-in for 2 consecutive days through India's best money.
  • Sounds Good Then Stick To This Article And I Will Let You Know How You Can Earn Up To ₹500 Paytm Cash By Playing Online Games. This Offer Is Launched By SkillCash Where Lots Of Free As Well As Paid Games Are Available Where You Can Just Play The Game And The Reward You Earn Transfer It To Your Paytm Account Instantly.

Earning money by playing games! We are not kidding you, it’s a legit thing. You can earn some serious amount of Paytm cash by just downloading and playing games. Waive off the stress, swirl your magic wand and earn a substantial amount of Paytm cash in your wallet.

Play Paytm First Games & Win Up To Rs.1 Crore Daily (LIVE NOW)

Follow these simple steps and make some money out of your part-time gaming sessions;

  • Sign up at Paytm First games and invite your friends
  • Earn instant cashback of Rs.50 on downloading the game
  • Invite your friends and play rallies of games to win Paytm cash prize up to Rs.1 Crore everyday

10 Free Paytm Cash Games Top Recommendations

Free Paytm Cash Offer
Up to Rs.1000 referral bonus
RummyCircle App
Earn Rs.50 Welcome Bonus

8 Ball Pool
Receive 100% Cashback with Paytm First Membership

Top Quiz Game
Win Money via Paytm

Download & Earn Rs.50

Fantasy Cricket Game
Earn 100% Paytm cash

Wheel of Fortune
Win up to Rs.1000

Paytm First
Get Rs.50 bonus on sign-up

Get 100% cashback

Get Rs.50 Paytm cash

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What are Free Paytm First Cash Games?

Paytm First Games is a unique gaming portal that allows the Paytm users to play various games and convert the winnings into free Paytm cash. Some of the top games that are popular with Paytm First Games users are:

  • Ludo
  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Rummy
  • First Captains
  • Snake Wars
  • Tom and Jerry Maze
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • 8 Ball Pool King
  • Jelly Crush
  • Panda Stacking
  • Danger Dash

Apart from these games, there are a lot of other games as well that captivate you and help you earn Paytm cash as well!

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How to Earn Money with Paytm Cash Earning Games?

Earning cash via Paytm First Games is not a tough one to follow. Apart from the Paytm First Games, there are a lot of other games as well that allow you to earn free Paytm cash and use it later on. We have compiled some of the top games for you to check out and read about so that you can also score some quick bucks.

1. Paytm First: Ludo

Gone are the days when Ludo was nothing but a child's play, lockdown made Ludo a thing for everyone. Play Ludo with your friends online and earn Paytm cash while keeping yourself entertained.

2. Paytm First Games

Paytm First is Paytm's very own gaming platform which allows you to play a lot of interactive games and Earn Paytm Cash. You can simply keep collecting prize money while immersing yourself in various fun mini-games. Some of the games include:

  • Tic Tac Toe
    • You can play this iconic and fun childhood game at Paytm games and also take a trip down memory lane
  • Trivia Live
    • Put those grey cells to test and play this fast-paced online quiz to win up to Rs. 63,000 daily
  • Pass the Bomb
    • Answer the question displayed on-screen correctly before you get bombed to win Paytm Cash with!

3. BrainBaazi App

BrainBaazi is a fun game that helps you update your general knowledge while also keeping you loaded with some quick Paytm cash. The Brainbaazi quiz goes online twice a day with an afternoon show at 1 pm from Monday to Friday. They have a daily show in the evening at 8:30 pm. You just have to answer all the questions live and take your share of winning amount home. The prize money for the afternoon show is Rs. 20,000 and the evening show is Rs. 50,000. You can refer to the below-given steps to ensure start winning money with BrainBaazi:

  • Log in to the app and simply start participating in the quizzes
  • Answer the questions displayed on the screen. You get 10 seconds to answer each question. Once you answer all the questions correctly, the prize money will be credited instantly to your Paytm account
  • You get one extra life on signup which can be used once to bring yourself back into the game
  • Refer your friend to play this game and once they join, both of you get an extra life!

4. QrumbleBox

Challenge your friends to a game of trivia with QrumbleBox. Select your favorite category to compete and also win cash for the same. Keep yourself updated with all kinds of trivia while also snapping up a lot of cash. You can check out the major categories below:

  • Sign up for QrumbleBox and get Rs. 10 as sign up bonus
  • Log in to the app and select your preferred category
  • Select a friend to challenge them and also lock horns with them
  • You can also earn Rs. 10 when you refer a friend

5. RummyCircle

RummyCircle is an online Rummy platform that allows its users to play Rummy with users from across the globe. You can simply log in and select your preferred region to play the game with your digital avatar.

  • Refer more people to RummyCircle and earn up to Rs. 500
  • Exclusive joining bonus of Rs. 2000 on RummyCircle on new registration.
  • Get yourreferral to play a game of minimum Rs. 350 so that you can get a referral amount of Rs. 500 and subsequently earn Rs. 100 for the next 9 times when he plays Rummy for Rs. 333 every time
  • Special offers every day with the RummyCircle Deal of the Day offers.
  • Refer as many people as you want to earn more money
  • Avail extra offers and cashback while enjoying RummyCircle using the exclusive RummyCircle Paytm Offer.

6. 8 Ball Pool Game

This is another popular game that gives us a chance to earn some quick Paytm cash. 8 Ball Pool is one of the most searched and downloaded games on Google Play and rightly so. You can refer people to play this game and each successful referral gets you Rs. 15 in Paytm cash. The amount will be directly transferred into your Paytm account and can be used for general purposes.

7. Paytm First: Quiz

Paytm First Quiz is a simple yet interactive quiz game that has questions ranging from current affairs to general knowledge encompassing categories such as food,sports, entertainment among others. You can read the below set of details to know more about the game:

  • Log in to your Paytm account and start playing the game
  • Answer them correctly and get 10 points for every correct question
  • You can then redeem those points in the form of coupons or cash
  • Sharpen your mind while earning more and more Paytm cash
  • Earn Paytm cash up to Rs. 5 Crore everyday

8. Loco

Like BrainBaazi, Loco is another live quiz game that allows you to earn Paytm cash when you correctly answer the questions asked by the host. There are options available to change the language as well which makes it very popular across India.

  • Download the game and sign up to start playing the game of wits. Answer all 10 questions correctly to win your share of Paytm cash.
  • Earn coins with every correct answer and each successful referral. These coins can be converted to Paytm cash.

9. Paytm First Fantasy Cricket

Get this addictive game on Paytm FIrst and never get bored whenever you are free. Check out the below-given details to earn free Paytm cash:

  • Sign up for Paytm first and get a bonus of Rs. 50 on download
  • Earn for every successful referral done via your referral link
  • You can collect points for every game played and the collected points can be redeemed for mobile recharges as you progress to higher levels in the game

10. Paytm First : Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most played games on Paytm First Games. It is because of right reasons! It is simple and rewarding. The two things we all want from a game.

This game is a luck-based game, where you bet on a number which also has the reward written right beside it. You can choose the number of beans you want to bet on that number. For example, if you bet on the number 2, you’ll get 2x the number of beans you had bet. You can also choose the amount of beans you want to bet on these numbers to win big.

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There are a lot of games available at Play Store and Paytm First Games that allow the users to earn free Paytm cash. The earned Paytm cash can be used at any vendor that accepts payment via Paytm. There are a plethora of games available apart from the above-given list of games. Join the biggest gaming platform of India which boasts of more than 5 lakhs daily players and snap up free Paytm cash on offer. You can just click here and scan the QR code to install the Paytm First Games mobile app on your smartphone.

Want to earn Paytm cash by playing games?

Here I’ve listed the best games that will let you earn Paytm cash. All the games listed here are legit, and you can try them without any worry. On these apps, you will be able to earn real cash by playing various games that require skill not luck.

Top 24 Paytm Cash Earning Games

So here are the list of the apps to play games and win Paytm money. As mentioned before all the games listed here are legitimate and verified. Most of these apps will work on any android device but higher the specs(more RAM, better process, etc) the better.

1. MPL(Mobile Premier League):

Without a doubt, MPL is the reigning champion when it comes to Paytm cash earning games. There are over 30 games that you can play on MPL and win cash. You can play game tournaments or 1 on 1 battle. You can also refer friends and earn ₹75 per invite. MPL also hosts PUBG and Garena Free Fire tournaments.

Other than games you can also play fantasy cricket, football, and kabaddi.

MPL Sign up Code: WUEK73

Sign up Bonus: ₹50

Refer and Earn: ₹75

Download MPL:Download

Minimum Payout: ₹1

Payment Methods: Paytm, UPI, Bank

2. Playship:

PlayShip is a great Paytm cash earning game with various fun and addictive game. On Playship you can get a sign up bonus of ₹30 and ₹10 for every user that registers with your referral code.

As a new user you will be able to join many game contests using just your sign up bonus.

Playship is one of the few apps that support instant Paytm withdrawals.

Download Playship:Click here

Pocket League Referral Code: kFQrR1jI

Sign up Bonus: ₹30

Refer and Earn: ₹10

3. Winzo Gold:

WinZO Gold is one of the oldest Paytm earning games. There are over 15 games that you can play. Other than games you can also play Daily Puzzles to win more money. You can also share your referral code with your friend and earn up ₹34 per invite. Your friends will get ₹50 on sign up.

Now you can also play fantasy cricket and football and win real money.

Download WinZO Gold Apk:Click here

WinZO Referral Code: HIMC2218

Sign up Bonus: ₹50

Refer and Earn: ₹50

Minimum Payout: ₹3

Payment Methods: Paytm wallet, UPI and Bank.

4. Loco:

Loco is one of the top apps to earn paytm cash by playing games without investment. And the best part is that you can do it for free. You don’t have to pay anything to join tournaments and play games. Although you will need Coins which can be earned by inviting friends and watching videos. You can also win more Paytm cash by making predictions for various sports.

You can also play live quizzes and win thousands in cash.

Download Loco Apk:Click here

WinZO Referral Code: siter2

Sign up Bonus: 15000 coins

Refer and Earn: 15000 coins

Minimum Payout: ₹1

5. Qureka:

Qureka is similar to the Loco app. On this app, you can win Paytm cash by playing games and quizzes. All games and quiz contests are free to join. You can also earn ₹10 by referring friends.

Qureka Paytm Cash Game Apk:Download

Qureka Referral Code: HIMA3525

Sign up Bonus: 100 coins

Refer and Earn: ₹10

Minimum Payout: ₹50

Payment Methods: Paytm cash will be credited to your wallet instantly.

6. Qureka Pro:

Qureka Pro has many online games for earning Paytm cash.

So the games on Qureka and Qureka pro are the same the only difference is that you can you need cash to play games on Qureka Pro.

After you sign up you will receive Rs. 5 cash bonus and 150 coins. Coins can only be used to join coin contests which like MGPL are for practice.

But thankfully you will get 1 free entry for every game. So you can win cash and use that money to join the paid tournaments and win more.

You can also refer your friends and earn coins and cash bonus. You can’t use 100% of the cash bonus to pay the entry fee.

Qureka Pro Apk:Click here

Qureka Pro Referral Code: 2703DC3C

Sign up Bonus: ₹5

Refer and Earn: ₹5

Minimum Payout: ₹10

Payment Methods: Paytm wallet, UPI.

7. Qeeda Game:

Qeeda is one of the new Paytm earning games. On Qeeda, you can play vs another player or tournaments. You can win more money by reading jokes, quotes, and poetry. With the refer and earn program you can earn ₹10 per refer. Your friends will also get ₹10 for using your code.

Qeeda Game:Click here

Qeeda Referral Code: 62m08636

Sign up Bonus: ₹20

Refer and Earn: ₹10

Minimum Payout: ₹50

8. Playerzpot:

Although PlayerzPot is a fantasy sports platform, recently they have also added the option to win money by playing games. Currently,

PlayerzPot has 3 games: 1. Ludo 2. Snake and Ladder 3. Chess and 4. Sheep Fight.

9. Pocket Money:

Pocket Money is an Android app that lets you earn some extra cash by completing simple tasks and playing games.

With this app, you can earn paytm cash by completing offers, watching videos, visiting sites, and playing games and Tombola.

Tambola is an in-app game. You can play unlimited times and how much you win depend on your luck.

Other games are from third-party offer walls. When you play these games you will win coins which are automatically converted into cash.

You can also earn money by referring your friends. For every friend that enters your referral code, you can earn up to Rs. 10. Your friends will also get Rs. 5 when they enter your referral code.

Download Pocket Money App:Click here

Pocket Money Referral Code: M7vDoB

Sign up Bonus: ₹10

Refer and Earn: ₹10

Minimum Payout: ₹20

Payment Methods: Paytm cash and mobile recharge.

10. Winzy:

Winzy is another great app where you can play trivia games and win real cash and prizes. The more questions you answer correctly the more points you will win. Points can be used to redeem rewards or bid for prizes. There is no refer and earn program yet.

Download Winzy Trivia Game:Click here

Sign up Bonus: ₹10

Payment Methods: Paytm cash and various rewards

11. Paytm First Games:

With Paytm First Games you earn Paytm money by playing games and quizzes. You can either join tournaments or battles(1vs1) and win cash. There are both paid and free tournaments. In free tournaments, you will win Points that can be used to join paid tournaments and battles to win real money.

You can also play quizzes to win more money.

The best part is that all your winnings are automatically transferred to Paytm.

Paytm First Games App:Download

Sign up Bonus: 20 Points

Refer and Earn: 20 Points

12. GameGully Pro:

GameGully is another great app where you can earn paytm cash by playing games. There are lots of games to choose from and new games are regularly added. You can also refer your friends and earn bonus cash. You can redeem your referral earnings. On GameGully Pro you can play games like Bubble Shooter, Knife Hit, Gully Runner, Basketball and much more.

Download GameGully:Click here

GameGully Referral Code: 40435E45

Sign up Bonus: ₹10

Refer and Earn: ₹5 and 25 Tokens

Minimum Payout: ₹20

13. CashNGifts

CashNGifts one of the most all-round-make money apps for Android and iOS apps. With this app you can earn money by completing offers, playing games, completing surveys. shopping online, etc. You will be earning Points that can be redeemed for gift cards such as Amazon, Google Play, Flipkart, etc. and cash.

You can also earn upto 130 points by inviting friends + 15% of every offer they complete.

Download CashNGifts:Click here

CashNGifts Referral Code: M7vDoB

Sign up Bonus: ₹15(150 points)

Refer and Earn: 130 Points + 15% of referral earnings

Minimum Payout: ₹150

Payment Methods: Paytm cash, PayPal cash, Amazon gift card, Flipkart gift card, and more.

14. Carrom Clash:

Carrom Clash ranks 14th in this top Paytm cash earning games list. As the name suggests you can earn Paytm cash by playing Carrom. You will play against 1 player and the player that pockets his carroms first wins. You can also refer friends and earn cash bonus.

Download Carrom Clash Apk:Click here

Carrom Clash Referral Code: k0pems6e

Sign up Bonus: ₹10

Refer and Earn: ₹10

Minimum Payout: ₹40

15. PoolKing Pro

This is another great game to win money. With this app, you can win paytm cash by playing an 8-Ball Pool game. You can also play friendly games against your friends or other users. You can also refer friends and earn ₹20 per invite.

Download PoolKing Pro App:Click here

Sign up Bonus: ₹25

Refer and Earn: ₹25

Minimum Payout: ₹50

16. OneAD

OneAd is one of the best free paytm cash earning games. All game tournaments on OneAD are free to join and have cash prizes. The best part about OneAd tournaments is that everyone wins.

Download OneAD App:Click here

Sign up Bonus: ₹6

OneAd Referral Code: BG29SP7

Refer and Earn: ₹3

Minimum Payout: ₹1

17. Real Cash Games

Real Cash Games is a new Android app where you can earn Paytm cash and various rewards just by playing games. There are a lot of games that you can play and win coins. Coins can be redeemed for cash and rewards. You can also refer friends to earn more.

Download Real Cash Games:Click here

Sign up Bonus: 100 Coins

18. MiniJoy Pro

MiniJoy Pro lets you earn Paytm cash by playing games, completing challenges, answering quizzes, playing casino games like Poker, Rummy, etc. scratching virtual cards, etc. You can also invite your friends and earn up to ₹39 per friend.

Download this Paytm Earning Game Apk:Click here

Sign up Bonus: ₹6

MiniJoy Pro Referral Code: MNJ5JJ

Refer and Earn: ₹39

Minimum Payout: ₹1

19. mGamer:

mGamer is a new app. On this app, you can earn not only Paytm cash without investment and game currencies for PUBG, Free Fire and other games. mGamer app, lets you earn by playing game tournaments, completing offers, taking surveys, etc.

You can also earn up to ₹25 per referral. Enter this referral code for a bonus: mlCH8nY3rJ

mGamer:App Download

20. E-War

How To Earn Paytm Money

E-War is a newly launched gaming app. On this app, you can play 1 on 1 games and win Paytm cash. Enter this code during sign up to get bonus cash QBFV9DRFTK.

E-war Apk: Download

21. SPL(Skill Premier League) Pro

Yes, the name sounds familiar(MPL). But that’s the only thing. SPL Pro has over 8 games that you can play. You can also earn bonus cash by inviting friends(₹25 per friend). Bonus cash can be used to pay 100% of the entry fee of any tournament.

You can withdraw your winnings to Paytm or Bank.

Sign up Bonus: ₹45

Referral Code: 9QTZXLBS

22. Ludo Circle

Ludo Circle is another great app where you can earn money by playing Ludo.

You can play 1 vs 1 live ludo game and win money based on the entry fee. The best thing about this game is that you can use your referral bonus to pay 100% of entry fees.

Play Mobile Games Earn Money

Referral Code: DjhVOQba

Play Game Earn Money Paytm Free

Withdrawal Options:

  • Paytm wallet.
  • Bank Account

23. KhelPlay Rummy:

On KhelPlay Rummy you can earn Paytm cash by playing Rummy. On this app you can play both Gin Rummy and Indian Rummy.

KhelPlay Rummy also has many deposit offers for new users. And on sign up you will get ₹25.

You can also refer friends to earn bonus cash.

If you want to practice first, you can download the Lite version of this game from the Play Store.

24. Khiladi Adda

Khiladi Adda is a great gaming platform where you can earn money by playing games like PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, Ludo King and Free Fire.

Referral Code: klklfnti

So these were the best Paytm cash earning games that you can download now. If you know any other games please comment below.

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