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  • Blogging is a very profitable job, but it takes time while you start making some money. Once you have built a popular, high traffic blog, you can earn as much as $10,000 or more per month. Most blogs start simple and straightforward, but with time and effort they grow, they attract traffic, and they start earning money.
  • You can make money from home as helping a researcher on Respondent. Participate in online research studies and get paid up to $300 per study, which usually works out to be $140 an hour. You can be giving feedback on food, technology or everyday products. The feedback you give can be in the form of surveys, video call or a voice recording.

Choose one or all of the above 6 real online jobs to earn money at home if you have the relevant skills required for many of these jobs. If you liked the information shared, make sure to follow us on facebook for more job leads, work at home advice, and extra income ideas.

While a lot of people are looking to earn extra money doing various jobs online from their home, they need to beware of many scams that plague work at home job field. Even though it is possible to quit a full-time job altogether in order work from homeand earn a salary, earning some extra money at home by doing an online job or more is an ideal option for many who just want to supplement their regular income while keeping their 9am to 5pm jobs. With the right skill, educational background and experience, it is easier to get more real online jobs that you can work at home.

Do not have any experience or skill yet? You could still get real online jobs if you know where to look for them. Below, we will take a look at 6 real online jobs that can help you to earn extramoney at home:

Customer Service Representative

If you have good interpersonal skills and a pleasant voice, then working as an at-home customer service representative is a great way to earn extra money while working from the comfort of your home. Many companies outsource customer service operations like call center jobs to home-based workers or third-party companies that then sub-contract home-based workers to do any specified task. You may be assigned to take calls and orders or perform other jobs. You can work as a freelanceror as a part-time employee. Some agents who work more than 20 hours a week for certain companies are eligible for benefits as well as a 401k program when they have worked over 1,000 hours. However, some companies consider their customer service representatives independent contractors, so they do not provide benefits.

If you work for a third-party company, you may have to take in-bound calls for dozens of companies. However, you can set up your hours around your or your family’s lifestyle. So, this job works perfectly for you if you want to choose how many hours you want to work a week, depending on your schedule. Typical hourly rate for a customer service operation job is about $9-$10. Some reliable companies that hire customer service representatives:

Online Tutor

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If you have an extensive knowledge of a subject, you can teach that subject via Skype and other web interface tools to students face-to-face online. There is a growing demand for online tutors in all subjects, especially math, English, history and social studies. You can tutor students from around the world if you have expertise in a subject or more. Typically, you work with a student face-to-face online via SkypeThere are reliable tutoring sites where you may find tutoring jobs that may fit your busy schedule perfectly. If you are skilled in a core subject, you can set up your own website to offer tutoring services online. You could check out the following websites for online tutoring jobs:

Website Tester


Many businesses and individuals pay to website testers to make sure that their websites are easy to navigate, load fast, look great, etc. You are given instructions on how to check out the websites. If you know where to look for this real work at home job, you can earn some extra money every month easily. You can get paid $10 to $15 per test. Usually, it only takes 15 minutes per test. Register with as many different companies as possible, preferably 10 to 12, to test as many websites as possible. These companies will email you when testers are needed. The tests are given to those who respond first to the emails, so you would need to be one of the first to respond to any email that is sent to you to get the job. Many websites require a microphone and/or webcam, which are built into most modern laptops these days, to test those websites. Here are some sites where you could get opportunity to work as a website tester:


Freelancing is perhaps the most popular way to make extra money online. It is easy to get started freelancingif you have a talent to do any specific job that others need done. online, freelancing means you provide services or do tasks for businesses and individuals over the Internet. There are plenty of jobs to choose from that you can consider doing as a freelancer. You can choose to work with a single or multiple clients. You get to choose how many hours you want to work per day or week, which job or jobs you want to take on and when you want to work as long as you complete any given job within a specified time. The deadlines for the jobs can be set by the clients or you can negotiate with the clients to complete the jobs within certain timeframe. The most popular freelance jobs include:

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Programming

Internet Research

The best way to find a freelance job is to sign up with several freelancing sites which are also known as bidding sites and bid on projects that match your skills and interests. If a client accepts your proposal, you will be required to complete the project successfully. You will get paid after the client approves your work and releases agreed funds. The most popular bidding sites include:

You can also approach companies online or websites to land freelance jobs. For beginners, it may be little difficult to land the first job, but as they acquire experience, their earning potential can improve over time.

Freelance Writing

You can make some extra money immediately with freelance writing jobs that you complete online for companies and individuals from around the world. Many companies do not have in-house staff writers to write content for their websites while others have in-house writers but they hire freelance writers with experience in writing about certain topics. There are plenty of content based online sites that need a constant supply of fresh content on a wide range of topics. These site owners hire writers to contribute articles, blog posts etc content to their sites. Many webmasters are too busy to write for themselves, so they outsource writing jobs to freelance writers.

Real Money Making Online Jobs

A lot of companies and webmasters post writing jobs on bidding sites, writing job sites and online job boards. Another great way to find out writing and blogging jobs is to pitch to webmasters, bloggers and companies. If they are looking for writers to write content for their sites they might respond to your queries and hire you. Here are some bidding sites, article writing job sites and online job boards where you can find a lot of freelance writing and blogging jobs posted by clients:

  • HireWriters
  • iWriter
  • Break Studios
  • MediaBistro

You may check out the following content based sites to find out if you could get paid per article or guide you would write for them and as a freelance contributor:

  • Demand Studios Media
  • About
  • WiseBread
  • LovetoKnow
Real Money Making Online Jobs

Another way to find writing jobs online is to pitch website owners to find out if they would be interested in your writing service.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who helps clients, especially small businesses and professionals, with their day-to-day administrative, secretarial or office assistant jobs working from remote locations via the Internet and phone. If you have some administrative skills, high speed Internet connection and dedication to meet deadlines, consider being a Virtual Assistant (VA). A VA does everything that a traditional office assistant/secretary/administrative assistantmight do. However, modern day VAs perform a wide range of tasks from traditional administrative projects and other support services to online customer service to marketing support to writing and managing clients’ social media accounts. Here are some tasks that VAs can do, depending on their skills, experience and educational background:

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Maintaining Digital Files
  • Typing Letters
  • Helping Prepare Presentations
  • Writing for Websites or Blogs
  • Managing Social Media Accounts
  • Diary Management
  • Website maintenance
  • Web design
  • Transcription
  • Etc

There are various sites or companies online that are dedicated to providing online jobs for virtual assistants such as Zirtual, Time Etc., You can also find a lot of VA jobs at online marketplaces or bidding sites like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, etc. You can also find virtual assistant jobs at career sites such as and You can market yourself to potential clients through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Most virtual assistants are independent contractors or freelancers, and they work with multiple clients. All kinds of services they provide or tasks they do are all completed remotely online and phone. ( See othervirtual administrative jobs here).


Making a little extra money has never been easier thanks to the Internet and growing trend of working at home. Choose one or all of the above 6 real online jobs to earn money at home if you have the relevant skills required for many of these jobs.

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