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Stemming from a renowned myth, Wilhelm Tell was a Swiss folk hero that was an excellent marksman with a crossbow. As legend has it, Wilhelm Tell was sentenced to death for assassinating an oppressive ruler that later triggered a rebellion of the people.

The German organization fills in the slot left vacant by 100 Thieves' withdrawal from Counter-Strike. The 12th BLAST Premier Member Team has been unveiled ahead of the start of the 2021 season, with BIG joining the elite group of organizations. Play the Wilhelm Tell slot from Yggdrasil Gaming which features Nudging Wild Reels and 3 different free spins options with multipliers up to 50x! Alex Wilhelm / TechCrunch: Shippo, a shipping software and services startup, raises $45M led by D1 Capital at $495M valuation, says it doubled its gross postage volume last year — This morning Shippo, a software company that provides shipping-related services to ecommerce companies, announced a new $45 million investment.

Not only was this legendary hero sentenced to death, but his son shared in his fate as well. However, Wilhelm Tell had one last trick up his sleeve. He was given a lifeline if he could shoot an apple off of his son’s head with a single shot.

This also leads to the symbol that steals your attention when you look on the 5×3 grid of a kid standing with an apple on his head. Paying homage to its Swiss origins, Wilhelm Tell takes place in the summer countryside where mountains can be seen in the distant background with rolling green hills.

The background music is very relaxing and pairs well with the grid, symbols, background, and overall theme of the game.

Wilhelm Tell doesn’t seem to have a lot of features, but it does have free spins and multipliers. You don’t have a big winning chance without these added bonuses, so you need to work to get the free spins.


You need to land at least 3 scatter symbols on the grid to trigger the spins. However, you are rewarded if you happen to get all the scatters (5). You will end up earning the scatter jackpot, which adds up to 500x your initial stake.

Once you are presented with the free spins, there are 3 choices. You can choose 10 free spins with a lower multiplier 5. This will equate to 750x your initial bet. If you want a higher win of 10 multipliers, then you only get 5 free spins, which will end up paying out up to 1,500x your initial stake. Just when you think that’s pretty impressive, there is one final option.

The big win in Wilhelm Tell comes with 1 free spin but a multiplier of 50, which could result in a whopping 7,500x your initial stake! The game is quite volatile, but with a jackpot win that big, it makes sense.

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Wilhelm Tell Opera

The wilds can also stack and nudge and could end up covering the entire reel and further increase your winning chances.

Wilhelm Tell Slot

Wilhelm Tell Schiller

The betting range is quite low, but bet high if you plan to aim for the biggest jackpot. Starting from $0.10 to $50, the multipliers are what can really help you rake in the winnings. You are looking at a max jackpot payout of $375,000! Though it does take some patience, and the winning chances are quite low, which result in the high volatility of the game.

To keep you engaged even with the low chances of the winning jackpot, Wilhelm Tell offers an RTP (return to player) of 97%, which is quite high and above standard.

If you have heard of the Swiss legend, you may celebrate Wilhelm Tell’s bravery by participating in this high RTP game that has the potential of huge jackpot winnings. The design and soundtrack are pretty impressive and make up for the lack of special features.

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You get to set eyes on the real characters behind the story while spinning the reels and triggering free spins and multipliers. Keep in mind that the jackpot potential is quite low, but that doesn’t take away from the fun of trying!

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